The answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Must be 19+ years old

A clean useable work space in your kitchen. Including a stove top, oven, sink, electrical outlets and cleared off counter space. Access to your event space 2 hours prior to the start time.

We will require some basic information including but not limited to, the hosts name, the hosts contact information, the date of your event, the location of dinner, number of people. We require a $500 deposit to secure the date.

It depends on the number of courses and quantity of people. However, the price generally ranges from $200 to $500 a person. The cost depends heavily on the type of dinner we’re asked to prepare and other factors such as location.

First, you have to understand that we are bringing a very high-quality inclusive dining experience into the comfort and safety of your own home. How cool is that? Also, unlike a restaurant, everything we procure for a dinner must be used that day. This is actually a good thing, because it guarantees you will enjoy the freshest of ingredients. In addition to the quality of the food we prepare, we take great measures to ensure that every detail is handled with the utmost care, from the table setting to the music. Plus, we provide the expertise to guide you through the planning process of your custom menu for your multi course dinner which can total up to a lot more at a restaurant. We promise that our passion for cooking and attention to detail will make your dining experience unlike any other. Finally, we always make sure to leave some take-aways like chocolate bon bons, sourdough pizzas, antipasto boards and or other treats.

The starting price quoted on our “Experience Page” is reflective of groups from 6-12. Have more or less? Depending on the style of experience that you are looking for we will work with you to find a way to accommodate on a per case basis.

We are based in Penticton, BC and cater throughout the Okanagan and surrounding area. Dinners are available literally anywhere if travel expenses are paid

We have found that some people ask a friend to use their home, or as an alternative, make it a special night and book an alternative location, like an Airbnb.

Regionally inspired cuisine with an emphasis on sourcing fresh, local, organic ingredients. Some may even describe it as wine country cuisine. That being said we have a strong and diverse culinary background that is well suited for accommodating requests.

If given proper notice these can generally be easily accommodated. For ease of service, and to stay on budget we will serve everyone the same menu.

You would start your dinner with a bag of cannabis vapor from the Volcano for each of your guests. That puts everyone in a good place to start. From there you have the opportunity to dose each course with cannabis oil to build a nice body high. It’s is always fun to watch the evening evolve. In the beginning, everyone is talkative and excited and by the end, everybody is happy and giggly on the couch. It’s a great transition.

By conversing with guests and gauging their comfortability at the start of the evening. As well, each guest will fill out a cannabis usage questionnaire. With multiple smaller doses through the evening it lends to being able to adjust dosing at an individual’s request.

We suggest that you dose each of your courses with  1-10mg of THC. This will depend on how medicated you want to be, where your personal tolerance is at and how many courses are being served. This is an individual decision. The reason for this is so that you do not get the overwhelmingly strong high that one can get from eating an edible.  It’s a nice gradual high that provides a most enjoyable ride.  None of the flavours are overpowering.  The most important thing is that the integrity of the food is kept and that you have a fun,  relaxing experience.

Although it doesn’t necessarily make a difference when digested (sativa and indica have the same body high through digestion), we will help you choose specific strains for you to vape and use throughout your dinner.  You have to keep in mind that it will be absorbed over the course of several hours, so it doesn’t have the same impact as if it were the same dosage all at once. We will make certain to help you tailor the dosage, so if you feel like you want to “tone it down” – then that’s exactly what will happen. We do everything we can to make sure these dinners are a great experience for everyone. We also have the Volcano Vaporizer on hand if anyone needs a quick lift up.

We will issue you an invoice through Paypal. You can use your Paypal account or pay with a credit card. We are able to charge guests separately, but we need advanced notice. In this case, once all guests have paid, we will refund the hosts deposit.

One of the reasons we choose to cater in your home or a place you are renting is so you do not have to worry about leaving. You can settle in and stay comfortable while we clean up. As a responsible adult you wouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol after a day or night on the town. We strongly advise guests DO NOT operate any motorized vehicles while under the influence of cannabis. Call a cab or having a good ol’ fashioned designated driver is strongly advised for yours and everyone else’s safety.

Sit back, relax and expect to be dazzled. The cannabis experience is distinctly individual and for those who haven’t consumed cannabis before, we’d like to reiterate the seriousness of starting “low and slow”. Meaning the lighter the dose, the better; especially for cannabis newbies. Your comfort and safety mean everything to us at Stratus Catering, we are here to guide you through that experience. High CBD and low THC strains should be available at your local cannabis store. Allow yourself to reach new heights of enlightenment and utter relaxation while we take you on a unique journey through the numerous courses of our fresh seasonal bounty.

Absolutely! We welcome cannabis consumers of all kinds. Stratus Cannabis Catering strives in providing an elevated experience for all cannabis aficionados. We promise this aromatic voyage will delight the senses of both newcomers and connoisseurs, alike.

THC is the cannabinoid (aka the compound) in cannabis mainly responsible for the legendary “psychedelic high” experienced when consumed. CBD, on the other hand, is like THC’s more “reasonable” counterpart. One of several non-psychoactive cannabinoids, CBD provides numerous medicinal benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety, without ever compromising the consumer’s mental clarity and joie de vivre.

The sensations from cannabis are extremely broad and completely subjective. A person’s high can depend on a variety of factors; the quantity and type of product consumed, a strain’s genetic properties, its terpene profile, social and environmental circumstances, etc. Some of the most common effects from cannabis use include but aren’t limited to: euphoria, enhanced mood and creativity, soothing pain relief and powerful sedation. Again, these sensations may depend on the consumer and the specific cannabis consumed.

Smoking and/or vaping cannabis allows THC to reach the brain directly, thus providing an immediate emergence of the aforementioned effects. The duration of a high from smoking may span anywhere from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the consumer’s tolerance level and prior experience. 

Ingesting cannabis (such as edibles) is entirely different from other forms of consumption and may take up to 1-3 hours for the high to fully kick in. In this case, the onset time is delayed because the THC must first pass through the stomach and then the liver, where it’s metabolized. This process converts THC to 11-hydroxy-THC creating a more intense high than from smoking the herb. These effects can last anywhere from 3-6+ hours depending on the individual’s tolerance, experience, biological chemistry and metabolism.

Cannabis is a powerful herb with incredible healing properties, and it deserves major reverence when being consumed. There is such a thing as “overconsumption” when first experimenting with cannabis. Its yummy and therapeutic effects may turn into an unfavorable experience if the consumer overindulges. Which is why we highly recommend starting slow. We will guide you along a personalized cannabis pilgrimage to understanding your own tolerance and relationship with this wonderful plant medicine. Besides, consuming cannabis is meant to be enjoyed, not rushed.

Cannabinoids are a group of fatty compounds found in hemp and the human body. They are the primary chemical compounds produced by the cannabis plant. These compounds are key players in normal immune and central nervous system functioning. There are more than 80 identified cannabinoids.

A system within the human body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) has receptors that these compounds fit into, using cannabinoids to repair damaged cells and provide a state of internal stability necessary for survival, despite fluctuations in our external environment.

According to a patent filed by the US Department of Health & Human Services, cannabinoids are “antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS), named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells.

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! We invite all of our guests to document and share their experience. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @stratuscatering #stratuscatering or send us an email at stratuscatering@gmail.com.